• Planet type : Glitchy/Rocky Planet
  • Danger Level: Class 1
  • Solar System: Unknown


7h3-5swamp has beautiful grass lands and wonderful oceans,
variety's of animals (even certain unknown animals). Even
though this might seem like the best place to live, it is not, but people who live here don't know about
this. The code of the planet has been tampered by "The Editor"
and has glitched objects all around it, the only way to escape
it is by getting the 5 unknown objects hidden in the glitched
objects, and in the glitched objects only 2 alternative worlds
have been discovered, pmawS ehT, and The rooms of the back. Not only that but this planet suffers from Jakeopod corruption. Who gladly infests the underground with little resistance.
It is likely that this planet has little sentient life, or if it does, they are not smart enough to dig deeper into the underground. However Jakeopod and the inhabitants of the swamp have been befriended, so this is most likely why they aren't trying to exterminate the infection.

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