Arch Pyrowizard
The Arch Pyrowizard is the leader of the Covenant of Flame of Jak'ar
A short explanation of character

The singe of defeat will burn you to ash! -Arch Pyrowizard

You are like air to fire, you only fuell me -Arch Pyrowizard

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cat
  • Realm: Tubariath
  • Age: 1,000
  • Master(s): Jak'ar King
  • Friends: Catgunner, Cybercat, Tubacat
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Enemies: All who oppose Jak'ar
  • Skin Color: Unknown, Black fur
  • Abilities / Powers: Control over fire
  • Status: Alive
Ingame Stats
  • NPC Type: Boss
  • AI Type: Mage



The Pyrowizard was born in Tyuville, his mother died in an unknown accident and he was adopted by an ice mage. Eventually he decided to hone is craft in magic and decided to go with fire as his specialty. He studied for hours, and eventually mastered his magic. But he wanted more, his mother was impressed with her son, and thought that he could be perfect. But the Pyrowizard researched more. He eventually discovered Jakeopod, wjo promised him infinite power if he became the first general of Jak'ar. He travelled to the area where the kingdom was built and begun enslaving tubas with his new found powers, these tubas would reproduce and eventually become Jak'ar loyal, for his unfeeling royalty he was bestowed the name of Arch Pyrowizard, and would forever command the Molten Covenant of Jak'ar.


The Pyrowizard is extremely wise, he is old enough to have seen almost all classic battle stratagems, because of this he is arrogant and will not admit to his flaws. He never attempts to improve himself as he sees himself has the perfect fire mage.


300,000 HP
475 DMG
The Pyrowizard will be surrounded in a ring of fire for the majority of the fight, so melee builds aren't the best to use unless you use the pike. Summoners, mages, and rangers are the best for this fight. Monks if they down the jade route can summon jade serpents to help deal with the spawned fire elementals. Once damaged enough the fire ring will go out. It is suggested to use the super shotgun with the meathook attachment to go in for extra damage.


Staff of Aghj'ak: Summoner Class, The charred spine of King Tuba II, summons a fiery slime to help you in combat
Scepter of Allahj: Mage Class, A large tree branch infused with pure fire energy, special ability: rain down hellstone on enemies.

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