The Demogorgopterix is a sentient species of creatures that appears to mimic the physical appearance of the Demogorgon. Most likely doing this to lure in prey or hide itself from the real creature. This species appears to be in a symbiotic relationship with the Jakula plant, it will grow on the jhagils back and create a tail, along with protecting weaker areas. While part of the calories and nutrients that the Jhagil consume will be absorbed by the Jakula. The Demogorgopterix is highly adaptable and will completly change it's appearence and behaviors if nessacary, creating three (3) other creatures branching off of the Demogorgopterix. The Demogorgopterix is easy to tell apart from the Demogorgon because of the Jakula plant. However this is late in the Demogorgopterix's lifetime. The other way to tell them apart is by their chitin, which only is on the Demogorgopterix, not the Demogorgon. The Demogorgopterix has control over the mutagenic properties from the Jakula nectar in its blood. Demogorgopterix blood is called Compound-67. Jakeopod is the last Demogorgopterix alive. The Demogorgopterix can create a super strong wax that when hardened is the strongest known biological material in the universe. Farm creatures called slither bugs for their chitin, meat, and stinger. Demogorgopterix also ride large, omnivorous scorpion like creatures, allowing for mobility. Demogorgopterix use molten lava from volcanoes to create steel and metal.


Demogorgopterix press a special blue crystal into small coins, these coins are the main currency for the Demogorgopterix, many massive mines constantly gather these crystals for pressing into coins. These coins have the letter "j" engraved into them.


Known as Jakeism, Demogorgopterix worship two beings, Bingus and Big Floppa. Demogorgopterix will build shrines of emerald and gold to honour Bingus and Big Floppa. Demogorgopterix also do blood sacrifices, and even hurt themselves for the two. The main ritual room on Jakeopod is made of bone, skin, and flesh.


With enough power from the Demogorgopterix, Big Floppa comes into reality to help rule the Demogorgopterix

Big Floppa manifested to help Jakeopod rule the Demogorgopterix. During this time a golden age occurred. Despite Floppa being one of the main rulers of the Demogorgopterix, Jakeopod still rules supreme as the true king of the Demogorgopterix.


The Demogorgopterix can reproduce with or without a mate. The Demogorgopterix will launch its larvae into the air, where they will fly away, drifting on wind. Demogorgopterix larva resemble beetle eggs. The larvae then begin to grow into Demogorgopterix. Demogorgopterix reproduce by launching spores that the other mate will add DNA too, if without a mate the spores mutate into eggs, that hatch larva. Eventually turning into a large, cat sized worm, after this the Demogorgopterix young will then follow the lifespan of the Demogorgon, maturing into a "demodog". After the demodog stage of life the creature enters a cocoon and exits as a crocodile sized, axolotl like creature. Before entering a cocoon again and transforming into a creature identical to a Demogorgon. In the backs of all of these forms is a Jakula seed, it begins growing when the Demogorgopterix grows it's chitin fully. It grows to protect the soft parts of the body first, then finally growing offensive parts (e.g the tail and spines). Once the blood of the young Demogorgopterix turns into Compound-67 they are considered a juvenile. The final things to grow on the Demogorgopterix is the regernative teeth, the venomous bite and the ability to turns it's lefthand into fleshy weapons at will. These weapons include: A scythe of bone and tendons, a gatling gun that fires large creatures that will mindlessly attack until killed, and a superheated Jakula spine firing shotgun.


All creatures related to the Demogorgopterix are descended from it, branching from the main species. There are three (3) branches of the main path each creating a species. Two of these paths are similar in appearance to eachother but have different abilities. The first of these is the White Pawed Max

White Pawed Max

The white pawed max (max for short) is a differing Demogorgopterix relative that stalks shadowy plains of existence. It also uses its umbral power to open portals in reality to hunt. Despite being related to the Demogorgopterix it looks nothing like it. The max is much larger then the Demogorgopterix, being around the size of a house cat. It also has lost its immunity to the Jakula nectar's mutating properties. Instead immunity to shadow energy has been evolved. The max hunts by corralling prey next to a opened portal. Then another max in the pack pushes a boulder through the portal, crushing the prey item. Usually packs have 2-4 individuals. However in some cases there can be up to fifteen (15) pack members. Their fur when touched injects you with a toxic that causes necrosis, pneumonia, paralysis of the legs and arms, and finally within 4 hours death by inflammation of the throat, butthole and failure of all organs, only Demogorgopterix are immune to this venom


The gus is a lion sized predator that used pyro based attacks to hunt and kill. It is a solitary hunter. Usually the gus will attack by burning it's prey to a crisp. Unlike the max that hunts in the umbral plain, the gus hunts in hotter deserts and savannah.


The other sentient species on Jakeopod (main planet), the Demogorgopterix and Jhgakari co-exist, worshipping the planet they are on. Unlike the Demogorgopterix theses creatures come in hive castes. (More info on the Jakeopod page)

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