General Info

  • Leader: Jakeopod
  • Primary Species: Partygoers, Brass, Violin, Woodwind, Cats, Jakespawn
  • Important Characters: Arch Pyrowizard, Cybercat, Tubashoggoth, Catgunner, Tubacat
  • Main Base: Jakeopod's body
  • Secondary Base(s): Jakeopod's Body
  • Status: Active


Jak'ar is the kingdom located in the super body of Jakeopod. The people who live here have developed immunity to the toxic environment. It is the largest kingdom of all of them because it rabidly grows. The kingdom of Jak'ar is simply Jakeopod's super body. The Jakespawn are in a hivemind with Jakeopod, who is in control. While the rest follow him like an iron ruler. The Arch Pyrowizard leads the Molten Covenant of Jak'ar.


The kingdom of Jak'ar all unite under one goal, serve Jakeopod. They will throw the bodies of elder dragons down the maws of Jake to sustain him. They also do rituals to celebrate kingdom of Jak'ar


The kingdom of Jak'ar is Jakeopod's body, so it started with him and the Jakespawn.

The Molten Covenant of Jak'ar

The Molten Covenant (TMC) is a sub division of Jak'ar, lead by The Arch Pyrowizard, it trains the fire mages of Jak'ar.

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