Jake'Thar is the planet where Jakeopod resides, it is a habitable planet.


Jake'thar is a large planet with two (2) moons, it's grass is purple, and large tree like towers spire into the air. Bioluminescent mushrooms cover the ground. Jake'thar has many lifeforms, each part of a balanced ecosystem. The sand on Jake'that are shards of a crystal identical to glass. The water is "slimey" and has many Jakula sea weed growing on the bottom. Part of the planet's surface is made of a black stone, volcanos spew lava, geysers spout oil, lava pools where creatures bask and swim are common, but mostly the acid marsh, a massive swamp of acid and Jakula plants. The planet itself has rings, and has a dangerous atmosphere to most lifeforms. The grass on Jake'Thar is orange, and bio-luminescent at night, some areas of Jake'Thar are purple in color.


The rings around the planet are very visible, they also catch meteorites, on the molten black side of the planet, the rings are less stable, hence why meteor storms are common. A creature known as a Ring Eel lives in the rings, drifting aimlessly feeding off of smaller creatures inhabiting the ring, very rarely you can see blue swirls and twisting lines, these are the eels.

The Arctic

The arctic is a large area of Jake'Thar, it is cold and icy. Blizzards are extremely common, most creatures tunnel underground or fly in the air. Commonly, Skygrazers migrate to hotter regions, swarms of Demogorgopterix larva drift through the air, acting as food for the Skygrazers, deadly apex sky predators known as Skyhunters hunt the skygrazers. Small creatures known as Chubleapers leap through the foliage looking for fallen nuts.

An image of Jake'Thar with bioluminescent mushrooms on the floor, along with what appears to be dead trees in the background. These trees are not dead, but instead mimicking death to avoid being eaten by the massive flying creatures of Jake'Thar.


Jake'thar commonly has acid rainstorms, along with "glass storms" things similar to sandstorms that create powerful gust of the glass like sand on the beaches and islands and blow it in random directions, if a creature is caught in the storm then it will be sliced to bits, attracting Blood Reavers. In the artic snowstorms are very common.


The following are a list of creatures that live or lived on Jake'Thar

Extinct Creatures

Creatures that went extinct over time.
Jake Sheep - Grazer, most common prey
Max Stalker - Descendant of the White Pawed Max and in turn the Demogorgopterix
Pufferjake - Common predator fish, sentient
Jelly Jake - Mindless blobs of tendrils that attacked all beings that swam near it's aquatic trap
Cutie - Tall giraffe like creatures
Dracobat - Bird like, scavenger
Hammerhead Cow - Aggressive creature, would liquify innards and drink them
Jake Ray - Prey creature, swam in schools
Eater Gull - Seagull like creatures that hunted Dracobats and Jake Ray
Gus Hunter - Apex predator, descendant of the gus.

Live Creatures

The following are living creatures
Gengar Fish - Aquatic, plankton eating scavengers.
Saberthorn Hound - Aggressive carnivore, only the strongest survive infancy because of the fighting between the infants.
Blubbabird - Humanoid bird like creatures, herbivore
Jake Bird - Descendants of Dracobats, have toxic blood from a oxide-rich diet
Blood Reaver - Apex ground predators always following the smell of blood.
Demogorgopterix - Sentient apex predators.
White-Pawed Max - Descendant of the Demogorgopterix, ancestor of the Max Stalker
Gus - Descendant of the Demogorgopterix, ancestor of the Gus Hunter
Ring Eel - Large, mile long worm like creatures that feed off of the other beings living on the ring.
Akjak Hopper - Solitary grazers that jump on grass to consume it.
Snowleech - Tunneling leeches that feast on Arctic Gigantochubs, native to the arctic
Skygrazer - Large flying worm like creatures that feed off of drifting Demogorgopterix larva, native to the arctic, can be found on all areas of the planet.
Iceworm - Colony of insects linking together to create a worm like creature, native to the arctic
Chubleaper - Small creatures that bounce around feeding off of fallen nuts and fruits
Skyhunters - Relative of the Skygrazer that hunt them, worm like, native to the arctic but live on all areas of the planet. Also feed on fecal matter.
Snowtunneler - Apex ground predator that burrows through the snow, native to the arctic

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