S1E1: Down Under

Down under is the first episode of the lab, it mainly acts has a introductory episode, showing the lab's architecture, the environment and characters. Despite this some characters don't have much screentime.

Plot Synopsis

The "crew" (Frog, Jakeopod, Chubby, George, Statify, Shroozy, OP, and Blop) wake up from a stasis, Jakeopod appears to be an exceptions sleeping normally, as Chubby remarks that he sleeps on the "flesh of the innocent". Statify does the first of his countless "did I ask?" jokes before George remarks that he is made of fire and is given a shift in the aquatic part of the lab. This brief fight is ended by Jakeopod. During this Shroozy asks "What is it?". This causes Chubby to ask if he got recruited, Shroozy says "No, I am co-founder". It is possible that Shroozy is lying about being co-founder do to his lack of understanding the layout of the lab, being something everyone must know. Jakeopod breaks up this fight by threatening to shoot them both. Frog's first appearance on the lab involves him breaking up the fight. Jakeopod explains the task to the others and they split up. Jakeopod appears to swim outside for a bit off camera before re-entering the lab, appearing to deposit something, before a "lab quake" occurs. After Jakeopod acknowledges the shaking everyone else notices it. Strangely, Shroozy does not notice the heavy and loud shaking, leading to the possibility that he perceives information differently then others in the lab. Chubby acts rather toxic to him calling him a very mean name, some people theorize that Chubby dislikes Jovians and treats them bad because of a bad event that happened to her in the past. Blop appears for the first time attempting to grab at some screentime. Instead Statify steals her spotlight and "cranks" on screen, with loud annoying keyboard noises playing in the backround. WIP

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