Tubacat is one of the many generals of the kingdom of Jak'ar (Jakeopod's Hive)

Is the cat deranged? Or does he think this is playing. Don't be fooled by this tiny and cute being, he can mow down hoards of warriors with his endless waves from his signature "Funk Engine." Did he craft it himself, or was it a gift? No matter what it is, there seems to be an endless supply of energy to it. First it was "cat got your tongue" now the cat will have your head. -Unknown


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cyborg Cat
  • Realm: Tubariath
  • Age: Unknown
  • Master(s): Jakeopod
  • Friends: Arch Pyrowizard
  • Eye Color: Glowing Blue
  • Enemies: All who oppose Jakeopod's Hive
  • Skin Color: Unknown, black fur
  • Abilities / Powers: The entity only that can operate the funk engine
  • Status: Alive
Ingame Stats
  • NPC Type: Boss
  • AI Type: Sentinel


Tubacat is a small black house cat connected to a large purple tuba, with the word "Funk Engine" in black industrial text. He has bright blue glowing eyes.


Nothing is known of Tubacat


Tubacat is cold, calculating a cunning, he deeply cares about his allies and will protect them the best he can.


The tubacat has a lot of health but if you get flute fish and offer it to him, he will join your party, stands in one place, like a high powered turret, when low health he abandons the tuba and pulls out a cat clarinet.
500 HP, his health can go infinitely up when in party
600 DMG, his damage can go infinitely up when in party


He does not drop anything if given the flute fish
Drops upon death
The Funk Engine: Turret Class, The mighty warm machine used by Tubacat. Fires a piercing wave of F U N K towards enemies, deals 600 damage

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