Tubashoggoth WIP

An eldritch Brass horror none had dare challenge, the Maestro approaches the shambling mass that clammers and doots before him, Could this horrific beast even call itself a creature anymore? This horrific abandoned creation resting in the Barren Wastelands of Bach deep within the trenches where those who fell in never returned out alive… What remained of the Tuba kingdom's royal labs were now just piled up with bones and bodies… Grease marks, blood, and even some fresh brass entrails were scattered about leading to the main room where this being had nested. Its lair knee-deep in skeletons and bodies of foolish adventurers who tried facing this unspeakable terror that was busy gnawing on yet another fresh kill. The Maestro stepped forth, an ungodly smell assaulted his nostrils. A heart-quivering orchestra played softly about the air as the Maestro could hear the crunching of bone and slurping of flesh. Before the Maestro could even question what nightmare this cretin crawled out of, the beast roared and razed the once shuddering airwaves and caused them to quake and tremble beneath its wrath. The Maestro readied himself for battle. For he had made a cataclysmic mistake by interrupting the Tubashaggoth's feeding time.

  • Gender: None
  • Species: Brass, Elder god
  • Realm: Tubariath
  • Age: ???
  • Master(s): Jakeopod
  • Friends: None
  • Eye Color: None
  • Enemies: All Creatures
  • Skin Color: Brass
  • Abilities / Powers: Extreme size, flight, laser beams,
  • Status: Alive


Tubashoggoth is a elder god like entity that is entirely made of the brass. He appears to be a large mass of brass with multiple tubas sticking from the entity. In the center of the body are three (3) tentacles, in the middle of these tentacles is a massive mouth that it uses to consume it's prey.


None, mindlessly serves Jakeopod and his hive

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